Trace Elemental Analyzers


Simplicity, productivity and robustness for routine labs

  • Simplicity
    • Built-in simplicity for user-friendly operation and ease of installation
    • Qtegra ISDS software for plug-ins, easy workflow and compliance
  • Productivity
    • Single measurement mode, integrated sampling valves
    • Unique QCell flatapole technology with low mass cut-off+ HE KED mode
  • Robustness
    • New interface design configured for the application
    • Robust interface, everyday interface, high sensitivity interface
    • New robust and reliable design for low maintenance and service costs


Redefining Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS with unique ease of use 

  • Ultralow limits of detection and surprisingly easy to use
    • Reaction Finder enables you to tackle challenging matrices without complex time-consuming method development
    • Common Thermo Scientific Qtegra ISDS Software platform allows analysts to switch between ICP techniques without the need for specialist training
  • Solution for future-proofing your laboratories
    • Right first time’ analysis with powerful interference removal, even in the toughest matrices
    • Reduced re-runs in the daily workload with assured accuracy and repeatability
  • Flexible for advanced application
    • Meet the most demanding challenges in protecting our future
    • Fully integrated autodilution, Speciation Plug-in, Nanopariticles characterization and Laser Ablation


Perform like a PRO

Simplicity, robustness and speed

  • Optimized vertical torch for ultimate robustness
    • Both duo and radial view configurations in a vertical torch orientation
    • Short warm-up time
    • Increase robustness with dedicated accessories
  • Obtain measurement fast
    • Advanced, high-speed Charge Injection Device detector technology
    • Small optical tank ensures fast start-up and reduce purge gas requirements
    • High-energy Echelle polychromator optics is thermostatically controlled and purged.
  • Available in 4 models:
    • iCAP PRO
    • iCAP PRO X
    • iCAP PRO XP
    • iCAP PRO XPS

iCE 3000 Series AAS

Effective, accurate and cost-effective

  • Ergonomically designed
    • Easily accessible lamp carousel, quick fit lamps and flame compartment tray, speed up simple instrument tasks
    • Modern styling with smallest footprint
  • Low cost of ownership
    • Low gas consumption – a reality, cuvette lifetimes and upgradeability
  • Superior productivity
    • True dual atomization with iCE 3500, fast furnace operation, GFTV, intelligent dilution
  • Available in 3 Models:
    • iCE 3300 – predominantly flame system with flexibility to upgrade to graphite furnace and other accessories
    • iCE 3400 – dedicated furnace system
    • iCE 3500 – true dual atomizer for both flame and furnace work

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