• Tweezers and Small Tools: CarbonFiber Tweezers, Ceramic Tip and Body, Swiss Wafer Style PTFE Coated tweezers, etc.
  • TEM & SEM Sample Preparation and Consumables: Wide range of grid patterns and grid materials for TEM and SEM mounts
  • Specimen Storage: temporary storage of for an archive, the microscope laboratory requires boxes and cabinets that protects and displays specimens safely and easily accessed.
  • Substrates: carries natural and man-made substrates for thin film research and a wide variety of microscopy applications
  • Chemicals: offers a wide range of chemicals for the electron microscopy laboratory.


Offers broad range of cost effective equipment for specimen preparation and general laboratory use 

  • Plasma Cleaner/Etcher/Asher: complete line of cleaner and etcher for your sample preparation needs.
  • UV Prep: For removal of hydrocarbons from SEM samples
  • Plasma Prep: covers complete range of RF plasma systems
  • Critical Point Dryer

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